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[News] Sabah straight prediction (6889 + 2788) strike Jackpot Rm100,000 on 29.08.2018 {01.09.2018}
Posted Date: 9/1/2018 4:37:35 PM
Goodday to all fodi fans and 4d players. lucky that our Sabah straight prediction manage to produce jackpot rm100,000 strike on 29.08.2018. This strike means our fodi prediction continue to produce jackpot rm100,000 strike since 2015. We are happy and feel lucky to see this strike. Hopefully, there will be few more jackpot rm100,000 strike from our site before end of 2018.

This latest Jackpot Rm100,000 strike comes from our Sabah straight prediction. Not sure any Sabah 4d members got follow or manage to choose this combination of number to play and strike. Details is Fodi Sabah straight prediction (6889 + 2788) strike Jackpot Rm100,000 prize money! With minimum rm2 bet, it return you total prize money of rm100,000. Admin not sure any member got strike this prize? Do let us know if you did! (-: 

Finally, hope there is few more Jackpot Rm100,000 strike from fodi prediction before end of the year 2018. We at fodi also would like to take this opportunity to wish all members and players all the best of luck and enjoy 4d games with FODI PREDICTION! (-:

Total News: 1

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