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1.Curiosity whether we can strike?
2.Surprise when we do strike!
3.Happy because we enjoy the strike...

founded in 2009 and since, started publishing 4-Digits number for public viewing from July 2009. It's first name was actually fodi88 hosted at
The blog is still available and was closed to public after its content was moved to

It was way back to 2004, when research & development was started to help others not to play blindly. In July 2009, Monthly ABCD Prediction was first published. By April 2010, Monthly AABC, AABB & AAAB was launched.

Weekly ABCD & AABC was commercialized when fodi started on its real site in November 2010. The website is up and running until today!

provides numbers for 4-Digits players at 7 operators to play. Our strength is in delivering choice of numbers to play through refined formula. Our results also help to keep track of the numbers that been played by players. Players often check 4-Digits result here during draw days. Numbers that we provide will be highlighted by blue color if it matches with the result.

Fodi also provides highlight on every amazing strike, preview on choice of numbers and statistic in performance report. Our customer service is always ready to answer your enquiry about our products & services. To benefits our frequent visitors, we provide promotion event almost every quarter. These promotions remind us how important our visitors are.

Our mission is always to make 4-digits an enjoyable game!

will always try to improve its products & services from time to time. It is always in our heart to better our own team & customer experience. Without both the team & customer, a good game won't be achievabled.

Our management had sight on the following few Products to be launched in the future:

*Daily Prediction
*Treedi Prediction
*Direct Prediction

We hope you will always have a pleasant experience with us. To help us improve, don't hesitate to share with us your feedback & suggestion.

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