Frequently Asked Questions


1. What and Where does FODI name mean and originate from?

The name FODI means 4-digits and it originated from the word FOUR DIGITS. It comprise the ‘FO’ from the word FOUR and ‘DI’ from the word DIGITS.


2. What kind of product does FODI offer?

Most FODI products at present are 4-digits prediction. This prediction is in the form of boxes. For example: mbox, ibox, iperm, ibet, iplay, box & ebox. All this prediction if for players who play operator like Magnum, Damacai, Toto, Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak & Sandakan.

3. What is the different between monthly & weekly prediction?

Monthly prediction will be available FREE to the public at FODI site every 1st day of the month. This set of prediction is valid for 1 whole month and suitable for players who like to play the same number for more than 2 weeks.

As for weekly prediction this set of prediction is only available for member who had paid to join our fodiweekly membership. Weekly prediction will be published every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday on 10.00pm for fodiweekly member. This set of prediction is valid for 4 draws. Each number will be removed and replaced by new number if it didn’t strike during the 4 draws. If the number strike within the period, it will be replaced on the same day it strike with new number. Weekly prediction also provide fresh number for every draw day for those who don’t like to play a box for more than 2 weeks.

Fodi Guide

4. What is in Fodi Guide?

- Profile, Suggestion, Objective, Strategy & Best Performance for each Prediction.
- Medals Tally or Winning Record since July 2012.
- Walkthrough or How To Play using PLAY GAP.
- Check your strikes at fodi result
- TOP 5 Performance by each Prediction.
- Fan Collection : A picture of 21 Times strike 2TOP3 at 1 counter within 1 year

5. How can I get a copy of Fodi Guide?

You can get a FREE copy by contact us at


6. How to join?

Just 3 simple steps to join us.
Step 1 : Register Account
Step 2 : Make Payment
Step 3 : Send Details
For more details, please visit How To Join Page.

7. What method of payment I can use?

Fodi accepts
i.CASH through
A.Bank Counter
C.Cash Deposit Machine
D.Internet Banking

ii.Credit Card through

8. Where to view weekly prediction?

Once you join our membership, weekly prediction will available to you by login in to fodi site using your fodiweekly account.

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